The most popular hairstyle of 2019

What styles are popular in 2019? What are some of the better releases that the goddesses are chasing?

A hairstyle for girls, is very important, everyone said to choose the right hairstyle, like the whole face, beautiful don’t want to. However, there are hairstyles that suit all kinds of girls’ faces.

1. The hair curls up to the collarbone

This hairstyle has both the wit of short hair and the gentle flavor of long hair. It Contains most of the face shape, but also suitable for all kinds of hair. Short, collar-length hair, is almost the most popular choice of short styles.

Collarbone bobbed hair is best for medium curls, and there’s a lot of room for this length of the curl. Can dial the messy walk French chic wind, In addition, it can combine the ethnic style printing, retro colors, or the old and heavy fabrics with texture to take the artistic route.

2. 80s return to the ancients hair

In recent years, the old style is everywhere, the hairstyle is no exception.

If you love red lips and a chiseled face, this timeless instant noodle Bob is for you. However, retro curly hair requires enough hair, if not much hair may not achieve the effect of retro.

3.Pixie boy-style crop

In fact, this sunny boy-style crop was first popularized by Hepburn. In the spirit of refined temperament, hair and people, as if the structure of poetry into heaven.

Pixie isn’t just about facial features, it’s about style modernity. Facial features are good-looking, but temperament slant wen wan is not suitable.

4. Natural puppy hair

The loveliness of women is always accompanied by innocence. A natural, ear-length hairstyle that is innocent enough to stand out, is back on the top of this year’s list, and will no doubt be hot until 2020.


Changed numerous hairstyles, but still do not think which can define themselves. Always feel that they are not the shape of the hairstyle, so, back and forth repeatedly. Only when I was exhausted did I realize that there was no such thing as a “one-shot” hairstyle, but a better version of myself under different circumstances. Wish you, in the continuous toss harvest rich life; And good luck finding the right hairstyle.