Why do you like fitness?

Don’t seriously thin once, you don’t know how beautiful you are! Every fat girl is a potential stock!

Don't seriously thin once, you don't know how beautiful you are!

The cost of fitness is as low as reading is outrageous and can be one of the cheapest ways to improve yourself.

fitness girl

If you can’t even give yourself the body you want in this life, why should you think you can make a lot of money?If you don’t work hard, someone will always live the life you want.

I was at the gym today and was in one of the zones you dream of

The world of “body discrimination” is more serious than you think, fat and thin are not the opposite, but fat and ugly are often synonymous.

at and ugly are often synonymous

Want to let the best yourself, appear in front of the most like people, in the face of the person you like no longer have the courage to say that sentence.

I love fitness because of the way it makes me feel

Without good health, all ambition can only be realized in dreams.

I love fitness because it gives me more confidence with seemingly everything in life

Fitness and beauty, never too late to start.